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All participating restaurants should enter their meal offerings as soon as possible. The website form to for the meal offering appear AFTER you enter your basic information and click "submit." If you do not have your meal offering today, you may return and enter that information later. At least one Alabama Restaurant Week special offer is required.

Restaurant Information:

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Media Information:

If needed, who will speak on behalf of your restaurant/bar to the media?
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Promotional Material:

If requested by a restaurant a participating restaurant will promotional material around August 1st. This material will be sent free of charge as long as supplies last.

(1) Alabama Junior Size Year of Alabama Food poster suitable for framing or posting in a window display or wall. Request two (2)
Request two (4)
No thank you, request none (0)
(2) Alabama Restaurant Week buttons suitable for staff to wear as a reminder to customers of the promotion. Request ten (10)
Request thirty (30)
Request fifth (50)
No thank you, request none (0)
(3) Alabama Restaurant Week printed cards suitable to be place discreetly with a customerís bill or placed near an exit point for alert customers to the upcoming promotion or given with a menu during the promotion. Request two hundred fifty (250)
Request five hundred (500)
No thank you, request none (0)

Send material to:

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