Alabama Restaurant Week is a marketing event that highlights Alabama restaurants. This culinary event unites Alabama’s diverse range of cuisine into a 10-day event.

Participating Restaurants offer two-course lunch and/or three-course dinner offerings at an attractive set price. A three-course dinner meal should include a starter, main course and dessert while the two-course lunch meal should include a main course and either a starter or dessert. Specialty restaurants with very limited menus may have pre-fixed meal offerings that are not multi-course.

There are no coupons or discount books to buy or bring. Just ask for an Alabama Restaurant Week meal at a participating restaurant during the promotion time period and enjoy. With the promotion’s pre-set prices, you know before making your plans your cost.

Participating restaurants are listed on this website with exact meal offerings once they are known. The Alabama Restaurant Week pricing is fixed at $10, $20, $30 and $40 for dinner and $10 and $15 for lunch. In all cases, the price is per person and does not include tax, tip and drink. Restaurants may offer a meal at all or just one of the preset prices. A restaurant’s regular menu will also be available.

Special Coordinator for Alabama Restuarnt Week is Courtney Austin, staff member at the Alabama Tourism Department. You may contact her at 334-242-4674 or by email at Courtney.Austin@tourism.alabama.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

When is alabama restaurant week?

Alabama Restaurant Week is set for Friday August 11 through Sunday August 20, 2017.

Which restaurant can participate in alabama restaurant week?

To qualify for participation, a restaurant must be a locally owned and operated restaurant operating in the State of Alabama and/or a restaurant located in Alabama that is important to the Alabama tourism industry. Most chain restaurants do not quality. The Alabama Tourism Department reserves the right to include or deny any restaurant. You do not have to be featured in the popular "l00 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die" brochure to participate.

How Many Different Meal Preset Prices Must a Restaurant Offer?

A restaurant may participate in all preset prices for both lunch or dinner, or just one or any combination. You do not have to participate in both lunch and dinner.

What about a Restaurant’s Regular Menu?

In addition to the Alabama Restaurant Week meal listings, a restaurant should still use their regular menu.

What Happens if a Restaurant Does Not Enter their meal offering ?

Any restaurant not fulfilling all requirements can be automatically delisted from the program.

Is There a Cost to Participate?

The Alabama Tourism Department does not charge a fee.

Are Birmingham Restaurant Week restaurants included in Alabama Restaurant Week?

Restaurants that participate in Birmingham Restaurant Week are included in Alabama Restaurant Week. Basic rules and dates are the same.