Dreamland BBQ - Huntsville


3855 University Drive Huntsville, AL 35815


1958 was a big year for Tuscaloosa. Not only was it the first year that Paul “Bear” Bryant starting coaching at Alabama, it was also the year that John “Big Daddy” Bishop opened his first Dreamland Café. Big Daddy was a brick mason for many years and he longed for another way to support his family. He had narrowed it down to opening either a mortuary or a restaurant and he got down on his knees and prayed for guidance. Legend has it that God told him in a dream that night to build a café on the land next to his home and Big Daddy made that dream a reality.

 The atmosphere at all of our locations is still a feeling of casual-down home.



Choose of either a Rib Sandwich or 1/2LB Sausage Plus Small Side Plus Small Banana Pudding


This special feeds 2 to 3 people Choose any TWO item of these items Jumbo Pork or Chicken Sandwich, Rib Sandwich, or 1/2LB Sausage Plus 2 small sides Plus 2 small Banana Puddings

This special feeds 3 to 4 people Slab of Ribs Plus 1/2LB Sausage Plus Two 8oz Sides Plus a full Pint of Banana Pudding